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“Chase of desire” and “calling peace” are part of human nature. The epic life of Abraham is a model for many, just as it was for generations in the ancient and recent past.

Abraham offers myths and mysteries, charms and challenges, fate and faith.

All in one. BALLADS: THE CRADLE (the 1st volume of 5), like a rock ballad, takes us to another dimension with its rhymes and rhythms.

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Adapt: Your First Step Towards Success That Lasts



Your First Step Towards Success That Lasts


The year is 2011, and Ram is hungry. He wants to be a leader and bring InfraT to the next level. The world is changing rapidly: smartphones are everywhere, personal computers are in every home, and flash is changing the game. But before Ram can set out to achieve everything that he has dreamed for himself and his company, he has to learn how to be a leader.

Follow his journey in Raghavan Venugopal’s debut book, Adapt. The first part of a three-part series follows Ram’s journey as a senior manager, realizing what he doesn’t know about leadership, learning key lessons, and applying them to the solutions his team needs to grow. Leading up to an unexpected twist, Adapt begins to shine a light on Venugopal’s philosophy in leadership and business.

There is a lot that new managers don’t know about leadership, collaboration, and innovation. Adapt tells you what it’s important to know!

  • Know Thy Self: looking within and adjusting your behavior to help you become a better leader
  • Know Thy Team: assessing the personalities on your team and guiding them to effective collaboration
  • Know Thy Environment: taking a broader look at where your team fits within an organization
  • Know Thy Objective: defining the goal and communicating the plan to the team
  • Know Thy Destination: understanding the road to your destination may change, but with a solid idea of your destination in mind, you will always get there in the end

Witnessing Ram’s time as a senior manager as it unfolds is more than just a compelling story. It offers the opportunity to address any twists, turns, and surprises in your own story, knowing everything that Ram had to learn along the way.

Allow Ram’s journey to be a tool for reflection, assessment, and adapting to your professional situation. Get your copy of Adapt now!

Each thought starts with an inner voice. When that voice stays with you and keeps getting louder, we tend to take it seriously. One such thought and inner voice came to me way back in the 2013-14 timeframe and i started taking it seriously during Covid. It was to write a book on Management and put my learnings into a philosophy that is easy to embrace and apply for anyone and everyone.

It turned out to be quite a journey of self discovery, both challenging and enriching, culminating today with the availability of my first book Adapt : Your First Step towards Success that Lasts. 


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Shattered Hearts and Silent Whispers


Shattered Hearts and Silent Whispers

In the mysterious town of Serenity Falls, Olive Adams, a photographer marked by her past, unexpectedly finds love in the arms of Vaughn Knight, a secretive writer with mysteries of his own.

Meanwhile, Nina Santos, an investigative journalist driven by haunting dreams, returns to her hometown seeking answers to a long-unsolved case. But when she teams up with the resident private investigator Daniel Turner, they begin to peel back the layers of darkness shrouding the town's unsettling disappearances.

As the pieces of a chilling puzzle fall into place, and yet another person vanishes, the four find themselves united by their shared journey. With time ticking away, they must race against the clock to uncover the truth and find the missing person before darkness swallows them all.

Will Olive and Vaughn's love stand strong against the looming shadows?

Or will the town's secrets consume them all?

"Shattered Hearts and Silent Whispers" is a gripping romance thriller that dives into the depths of love, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of truth amidst imminent danger.

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Baghdad Heist


Amidst the chaos of war-torn Baghdad, a relentless FBI agent must unravel the web of deception that threatens to consume her team and her very existence…
Female FBI agent Charlie Glass is assigned to recover treasures stolen from the Baghdad Museum during the Iraq War. The suspense explodes when she uncovers an international crime syndicate within her own team. Mysterious murders and bitter betrayals plunge Charlie into a deadly fight for survival.
Alone, gripped by fear and pushed beyond her limits, only extreme measures can recover the treasures and save her soul.
Will Charlie triumph over the treacherous criminal network within her own group and recover the stolen treasures, or will she be consumed by the darkness that threatens to destroy her and everything she holds dear?
Fans of murder mysteries, crime fiction, and suspense thrillers will love Baghdad Heist.

Engineering Series - The College Guidebooks Series

 Engineering Series - The College Guidebooks

Today’s research directly impacts life-changing and revolutionary innovations on Earth, space, and not-yet realized digital universes. Especially as scientists integrate AI, AR, VR, and machine learning, developments will expand the mind to consider new vistas. Hungry to challenge longstanding beliefs, produce new realities, and reap rewards, you will experiment, innovate, and implement the next transformational wave.

Engineers invent energy technologies, sustainable buildings, solar-powered vehicles, and tomorrow's tools. Biological and chemical engineers develop materials that close wounds and 'melt away', sustainable fabrics for cold/ warm weather climates, and lightweight carbon nanofibers for filtration, haptics, and energy storage. Career and research opportunities include the improvement of spacecraft, computers, materials, healthcare, fibers, food, and buildings. Your ideas will help society resolve energy and environmental problems with improved sensing mechanisms, gas extraction, electrical systems, and quantum chemistry.

The next step you take will shape your future. The books in this engineering series offer you a roadmap for success, covering a wide range of fields with specific information about career paths and information on internships, scholarships, and the application process. College programs in each area are profiled. Additionally, the lists in the back of the book offer avenues to colleges you may not have considered. One of these may be a perfect fit for you! 

With more than three decades of experience and dozens of successful applicants in engineering, medicine, and other STEM subjects, you are in good hands as Dr. Rachel Winston guides you on your journey. Dr. Winston is one of the world’s leading experts in college counseling, giving presentations at schools and conferences worldwide. In addition to offering tips and insights into colleges, careers, and how to tell student’s personal story, she is a sought after speaker for seminars, meetings, and programs. 

Dr. Rachel Winston personally guides students on their journey and is a consummate learner with degrees in more than a dozen different fields. Her experience working in colleges and at her private counseling practice has made her a sought after advisor. Contact Dr. Rachel Winston if you seek individualized college counseling, essay assistance, interview preparation, or portfolio development. Online or in her Irvine, California office suite, Dr. Winston serves, supports, and uplifts students in their college admission quest.

You can purchase these books on Amazon or through bookstores. The digital versions are less than $15.

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Many of us are searching for answers. Many of us are searching for the truth. We want to know what our purpose is. Many of us turn to religion for answers. Then there are those of us that look to science for answers. I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that you will never find any real answers in religion or science. There is no real truth to be found. Nothing they tell you will ever lead you to any logical conclusion. Many of us run into brick wall after brick wall while searching for the truth. Your journey ends here. You have found what you are looking for. You have just hit the motherload of all truths. I will explain the unexplainable in this book. I will explain what the Earth is. I will explain what the Sun is. I will explain what the Universe is and much more. I even explain whether God truly exists or not. There is no other book like this in the whole world. No other book even comes close. I am the only person in this world that is uniquely qualified to explain the true reality of our existence. You can think of this book as the “New Bible” for the “Enlightened Age”. Your mind will be blown. There is no way that an intelligent person can read this book and remain the same afterward.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence:


A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence:

Unraveling the Threads of Machine Intelligence

Ever wondered about the secrets behind AI's birth, its past challenges, and the limitless possibilities it offers for the future?

In the intricate tapestry of our modern world, artificial intelligence (AI) leaves its mark on industries, economies, and our daily lives. This powerful ally enhances efficiency across sectors, fueling breakthroughs in healthcare, finance, and communication, and standing as a beacon of progress.

But the origins and the evolution of AI into today's influential force remain shrouded in mystery. Strap yourself in and embark on a captivating journey that traces its roots, from philosophical musings and early mechanical contraptions to the cutting-edge advancements that continue to redefine our reality.

Explore the captivating journey of AI, from its birth to the present, and glimpse into its future in A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence.

Delve into the book for a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues molding the AI landscape. Trace the evolution from cybernetics to modern machine learning, exploring pivotal technological milestones and meeting the visionaries who sculpted AI with their innovative stories.

Dedicated chapters in the book unravel AI's profound societal and cultural impacts, examining its portrayal in media. Engage with current debates on ethics, privacy, and automation. Gain brief insights into the future of AI. exploring expert systems, data-driven models, and the ongoing dialogue between technology and humanity.

Balancing technical insights with accessibility, this book is a must-read for enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Here's more to know and love about this book:

- Chapters discussing AI's social impact and current developments
- Read about future trends and success stories
- Get to know about crafting digital platforms and marketing strategies for AI-focused communities